Dance in childlike wonder
Fr, 22 – Su, 24 november 2019
(workshop will be taught in English)
Luxemburg, LU

The genius is childlike. Like children he looks into the world as into a new creation and finds there a perennial source of wonder and delight.John Lancaster Spalding

Every body knows the abundance of being creative, curious, wild and spontaneous like a child. Even we were taught as adults to suppress our basic emotions and act from a rational mind our cells still are full of this childlike wonder of our children-time, when life was not a problem to be solved but an ongoing mystery to be lived.
In this workshop we will dance with the movement map of Gabrielle Roth and reclaim the fascination and wilderness of our own movements in the unique body we got. Childlike dancing is the best medicine for our mind-fucked souls. We will dance, we will giggle, we will play and meditate, we will cause surprise and be in awe of our own creative dance and of the wild dance of our companions. We will sweat our child heart out. WOW!


  • Friday 22.November: 19.30 – 22.00 hr
  • Saturday 23. November: 11.30 – 18.00 hr
  • Sunday 24. November: 11.00 – 17.00 hr


  • € 175 before 25. October 2019
  • € 215 thereafter
  • € 25 Friday evening only


Salle de Fêtes et de Sport – 8, um Sand L –7471 Saeul

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To book

Please pay the fee to LëtzDanz asbl account:

IBAN: LU71 1111 7046 5850 0000 Code BIC CCPLLULL with the mention “5R Workshop Andreas Tröndle” followed by your entire name, then confirm by mail with Françoise Isabelle THILL –


Françoise Isabelle Thill


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