Dancing on the Wild Side

The joy of risk
July 1st – July 2nd 2017

The joy of risk
July 1st – July 2nd 2017

„Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.“Marianne Williamson

In fear of being rejected we have learned to control and hide our true feelings doing only what is socially acceptable, recognized and allowed. Suppressing our emotional truth behind our polite mask we gradually loose our organic life-force.
This workshop is an exquisite opportunity to give yourself a kick in the ass, which throws you on a place beyond shame and guilt, which unconsciously shape our everyday behavior. It is an invitation to reclaim our wild and passionate heart and to stand up for ourselves : aligned, clear, authentic and free. The 5 Rhythms lead us straight to our unfiltered and wild energies. We don´t need to give our power to others, to religions, authorities, institutions or gurus. The source of an infinite power is within ourselves.
Part of the workshop will be work on the „Heartbeat -level“. Gabrielle Roth designed this work to recover our basic-emotions. We will explore especially the emotion of anger as a huge source of life-force and unexpectedly wild vitality.


Dance Area
Rue de la Coulouvrenière 19
1204 Genève


  • Saturday July 1st  14h- 20h
  • Sunday July 2nd  11h-17h

please arrive 15 min earlier so that we can beginn our session at time


  • 280 CHF or
    260 CHF early bird before 1st June 2017

There will be an open wave on the Friday evening June 30th at the same address ( as above). Time: 19:45h-21:45h.

  • 25.- CHF (normal)
    20.- CHF (reduit)

Contact and booking

Adela Bevan
E-Mail: adeladance@gmail.com
Phone: +41 76 679 30 50.